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Shuttercraft Opens First UK Showroom

Posted: 17 Sep 2018
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Shuttercraft Opens First UK Showroom

Martin and Sue Burge, the Bristol franchisees of plantation shutters and blinds company Shuttercraft, have opened the chain’s first UK showroom.

Martin was only the second owner of a Shuttercraft franchise when he opened the business on Sue’s birthday in August 2012.

Six years later and the company turns over more than £450,000 and has four employees.

Now the husband and wife team have invested £135,000 in the purchase and fit-out of the new shop.

As well as being a showroom for Shuttercraft’s range of plantation shutters and window blinds, it will also act as an office and a basis for enhanced sales activity.

Martin says: “It’s amazing to be here, especially if I look back six years when I was starting the company from scratch with just me and a van.

“Ours are exceptional products, so you need a showroom to demonstrate all the benefits to customers.

“It’s also something businesses we’re looking to partner with would expect to see, so I’m expecting Shuttercraft Bristol to fly.

“Everything a customer will need is here. We’ve got bay windows, patio doors and so on, all mocked up so that people can see what the end result will look like.”

Shuttercraft currently has 24 franchisees operating around the UK.

Sean Goldsmith, the company’s franchise manager, says: “Martin’s a great example to the rest of our franchisees who are looking to maximise the potential of their businesses, demonstrating how commitment and vision can result in growth and development.”


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