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Tutor Doctor

Private in-home tutoring service
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A fast-growing, award-winning franchise with a proven system. No teaching experience required - extensive ongoing training and mentoring support is provided. With low overheads and a flexible schedule, recurring revenue streams provide high earning potential and opportunities for multi-territory expansion. Start your business fast with the simple 30-day set-up and receive immediate lead generation assistance within your exclusive territory.

About Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor is a leading private in-home tutoring service founded after the realisation that the classroom setting is not the optimal learning environment for each student. Tutor Doctor is aimed to address the unique learning style of each individual student in order to help them improve their performance and learning skills.

Tutor Doctor first conducts free consultations with the students in order to evaluate the possible tutor-student relationship, and build a customised map for the student’s success. This approach has proved effective as Tutor Doctor has become one of the most successful and fastest-growing education franchises on the market.

So far, the education franchise has helped over 300,000 individuals succeed with its tutoring services and 95 per cent of customers would recommend it to others, earning it an excellent reputation in the field of private tutoring. It now has over 720 units in 16 countries and over 350 franchisees.

Two out of the 29 National Tutoring Programme (NTP) approved tuition partners are Tutor Doctor franchisees.

Online tutoring with Tutor Doctor
The tutoring process remains the same, whether you are online or offline. Every student is assessed and carefully matched with the best possible tutor. Tutor Doctor devises a custom-tailored programme for the child and offers support throughout every step of their learning journey. To facilitate the best possible online tutoring experience.

How does a Tutor Doctor franchise model work?

The tutoring franchise started offering franchises in 2003. Tutor Doctor is an entirely home-based business model and will allow you to succeed with low overheads and high earning potentials. You will have a flexible schedule and the freedom to set your own hours, a huge advantage if you are looking for a work-life balance. There is no need to hire staff until you decide to grow, however, 39 per cent of franchisees own more than one territory, so there is a potential for expansion.

As a Tutor Doctor franchisee, your day-to-day will involve booking tutoring sessions for your tutors and students, remote consultations, and interviews with prospective students.

Tutor Doctor provides extensive training to help you get started. Its Launch Support Program (LSP) is designed to provide intensive remote and in-field support to facilitate the immediate growth of a new franchise over the first year of operation. It includes six weeks of pre-training and one week of home office training followed by a one-year bi-weekly coaching call.

Support from Tutor Doctor is also ongoing. It will give you access to all the tools, systems and technology you need to run your business, and provide you with ongoing support from business experts throughout your journey.

How much does a Tutor Doctor franchise opportunity cost?

The Tutor Doctor franchise fee starts at £38,000, but if you have at least £13,500 in available liquid capital, Tutor Doctor has a number of financial partners who can help you finance your investment; alternatively you may qualify for the Government backed Business Start-Up Scheme which allows you to borrow up to £25,000 without investing any money of your own. (This figure doubles if the business has two directors.)

The franchise fee includes extensive training on how to run a profitable business and ongoing support, an operations manual, lead generation tools, access to a proven consultation and student enrolment system, regular meetings and conferences, robust coaching structure, proven process for tutor recruitment, a proprietary tutor orientation and management system, a CRM business management system, localised marketing strategy, support from its partner PR agency and access to the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC). There is an eight per cent royalty fee on gross sales and a two per cent national marketing and branding fee.

As you will be working from home, your overheads will remain low as there are no build-outs, equipment, leases or inventory involved. Tutor Doctor will assist you in generating leads, and can also connect you to its lead generation partners who can help you get your business off the ground.

Expected returns after two years vary, however, Tutor Doctor insists that it is its priority to give you as much support as you need to turn your franchise into a profitable and successful business. Moreover, field research has revealed that franchisees following its proven model consistently have enjoyed high, and early returns, as well as compounding recurring revenues.

Tutor Doctor believes that freedom shouldn’t come with unbearable risks. Franchise owners, representing over 730 units in 16 countries, get the career freedom they crave without the enormous weight of going out on their own.

“The values of Tutor Doctor completely align with those of my own. The advantages and the opportunity to succeed are significant. There is such a positive market for home tutoring in the UK, so I created a long-term plan to expand across London. Within two years, my team had grown the business from three territories to covering nine areas of Central and South West London. I’m proud of how far we have come, and I’m determined to take it even further – with Tutor Doctor’s expertise, I know that is possible!”
– David Boddy, Tutor Doctor Central and South West London

Finding funding for a Tutor Doctor franchise

Tutor Doctor has Franchise Development Directors who will work with you and study your unique personal financial situation in order to determine and educate you on the best financing options available.

Tutor Doctor also has a number of financial partners who can help franchisees finance their investments.

What locations or territories is Tutor Doctor looking to operate in?

Tutor Doctor currently operates in 16 countries, and it is concentrating its development efforts in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Tutor Doctor has prime territories available in its main operating markets and specifically for the UK in areas such as Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol, etc. In addition, with its national license and online tutoring, you will be able to provide Tutor Doctor services to families nationwide. To find out more, fill in the enquiry form on this page.

Do franchisees need prior teaching experience?

Not necessarily. With extensive training, continued support and a comprehensive franchisee support network you will have everything you need to start your own Tutor Doctor franchise. Tutor Doctor’s process is aimed to help you achieve independent profitability, so if you follow their proven system and provide excellent customer service you can build and expand your client base in order to achieve recurring revenue streams.

Did you know?
Tutor Doctor is eligible for funding support!
Tutor Doctor
Request free information in just 60 seconds!
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What is Tutor Doctor looking for in its franchisees?

Tutor Doctor franchisees are community-minded individuals who are looking for rewarding profitable business that makes a difference and feels proud about the product or service they represent. The whole mission of Tutor Doctor is to change the trajectory of students’ lives. The fact that it gets to do that on a daily basis while making a great living, it’s a home run.

Franchisees come from all walks of life, in fact, 83 per cent of its franchisees come from backgrounds other than education. Tutor Doctor is looking for someone with drive and desire.

As a franchisor, it can and does teach franchisees a lot of things. Tutor Doctor teaches you how to run a tutoring business, recruit tutors, market, and enrol students – all of those are things it can and does train its franchisees to do. What Tutor Doctor can’t train is desire and drive. As a business owner, you need to have those things in order to be successful. Passion for the business and a desire to build something is really important.

What makes Tutor Doctor unique is the connection it has with the local communities that it serves. Having that local owner in a local community is unique. Having someone there that cares about a family’s child and will treat them like they treat their own child, is really critical. Having that willingness to be connected to the community, to be out there and be present is an attribute that Tutor Doctor looks for in its franchisees.

What training and support does Tutor Doctor provide its franchisees?

Tutor Doctor empowers franchisees with the knowledge, tools and ongoing support to achieve their dreams and change the lives of the families and children they serve.

Its proven business plan for franchisee success includes Tutor Doctor’s intensive training programme which includes: 
• 80 hours of online training (pre-training)
• Seven intensive days of training
• Launch Support Program of one year
• Two site visits from your Launch Support Specialist
• Weekly global franchisee call
• Annual conferences
• Field coach
• Regional meetings
• Ongoing training and support
• Individual coaching
• Proprietary software.

The Launch Support Program (LSP) is designed to provide intensive remote and in-field support to facilitate immediate and rapid growth of a new franchise owner in their first year. You’ll complete a series of digital pre-training courses – what Tutor Doctor likes to call the Road to Toronto – before beginning your official training. During this time, you’ll gain the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to get your business off to a flying start.

What sets Tutor Doctor apart?

Tutor Doctor’s service is highly personalised. A one-size-fits-all strategy isn’t what it does. It carefully matches tutors to students and has a creative approach tailored to each child.

Tutor Doctor is local. Franchise owners build partnerships, support local schools and positively impact their local communities.

It is more than tutoring. From Tutor Doctor’s X-Skills Programme, equipping students with vital life skills, to regular session reports keeping parents up to date, to its recruitment process settling for only the best private tutor available – Tutor Doctor does so much more than homework help. It is also an active Corporate Member of The Tutors’ Association, working closely with them to further the tutoring profession and standards in the UK.

“Tutor Doctor has given me the opportunity that I was looking for. I love being able to see children and young people achieve their full potential in every way – whether it be academic or personal. Seeing results, making families happy is very rewarding to me. But not only that, it has enabled me to spend more time with my own family. I regularly take my children to and from school, so it’s had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my family life too.”
– Amrit Rahi-Deogun, Tutor Doctor Greenwich

How in demand are the services provided by Tutor Doctor?

A testament to the continued growth and market demand in the sector, the most recent survey from The Sutton Trust revealed that one in four children received private tuition in the year leading up to 2019. With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the education industry like no time ever before, attention has been drawn to tuition companies across the country to help bring students back up to speed.

School disruptions have affected so many students in many different ways. And while students have shown so much resilience, we are in an education crisis that will have a ripple effect for years to come – impacting students’ academic gains, wellbeing, and economic prospects. In fact, the Sutton Trust estimates a net loss of £1.5bn for just one year group in England due to school closures.

The global private tutoring market is projected to reach $200bn by 2026 – this is no surprise as we see more and more parents turn to tutoring to supplement their children’s education.

In 2018, the UK market was estimated to be worth $6.3bn and is projected to exceed $9.1bn by 2024. As students catch up on lost learning, there’s a real opportunity to be had as the industry skyrockets to new heights.

A Tutor Doctor franchise is an affordable and simple to set up a franchise. With low overheads and no leases or buildings needed, it will take you as little as 30 days to set up and once you are up and running, you can expect immediate cash flow right out of the gate.

What are the franchise terms of agreement and renewal? 

The franchise agreement is for a period of five years and it is renewable. 

How do I start setting up my own Tutor Doctor franchise?

If you’re passionate about impacting students’ lives, serving your local community and want to build a successful business, now is the time to invest in a Tutor Doctor franchise!

It holds the title as the #1 education franchise in the UK and what’s more, Tutor Doctor was Highly Commended in the Best Children’s Services & Education Franchise at the 2021 Global Franchise Awards. There’s a business opportunity to be seized both now and in the future. Tutor Doctor truly believes that it can be part of that catalyst for change.

To find out more, or to request further information on franchising with this home-based business, you can complete the form on this page in order to get more information and book a 15-minute chat with a member of the Tutor Doctor team.

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