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The Belle Casa Way

The Belle Casa Way

The domestic cleaning specialist has a comprehensive franchise offering for the right candidates

Jenny Wilson, managing director of Belle Casa (UK), believes the domestic cleaning company has a bright future.

She explains: “We wanted to be different from other domestic cleaning franchise companies. It’s not our policy to have hundreds of franchisees in the country covering a small territory, as this will limit franchisee earnings.

“If you look at the whole of the UK, in our opinion there are only 85 postcode areas from which you can earn. What makes us different is that when a new franchisee joins us, they have that entire postcode area. Therefore, the earnings they can achieve are much greater due to the size of the territory.”

High income

Peter Dalton, founder of Belle Casa, says: “If you take the Sheffield territory, they have 56 postcodes to go at. Of course, there will be bad areas, but we believe the size of the area gives our franchisees an excellent chance to earn a very high income.”

Combined with a large area, Belle Casa also has a system that books all franchisees’ appointments for them.

Peter continues: “This is such a great service for all our franchisees, as it allows them to be getting on with the day-to-day running of their business and not have to answer phones.

“It saves them so much time and makes us look more professional. We don’t know of another domestic cleaning company that offers this unique service.

“We as a company have conducted 32 interviews in the last nine months and decided to take on just four franchisees. We will continue only to have the best available people to slot into territories that we have.

“It has always been and will remain the fact Belle Casa will only have 85 franchisees in the UK.”

Right decision

Franchisee Chris Bevan of Belle Casa High Wycombe joined 12 years ago. She says: “For me, it was simply the right decision.

“I had a long meeting with Peter and, in fairness to him, he told me the good and the weak side with regard to the franchise. I looked at other cleaning franchises, but nothing came anywhere close to what Belle Casa had to offer.”

Andrew and Tracey Holding of Belle Casa (Herts) confirm the above. They say: “We too had a long meeting with Peter and he was forthright in what he said. Above all, he left us alone to carry out our own due diligence.

“It was the right choice for us to join and we are delighted with our franchise.”

Andrew adds: “ Before joining a cleaning franchise, you should check out the size of the territory. Can you earn enough? Does the company spend a long time trying to convince you that 100,000 households will be enough for you to earn a living?

“Check out if they have penalty clauses in the contract, which will keep you paying until the end of the term.

“Also, check out franchise money back offers. This simply means that if you don’t conform exactly to the contract, the company will not be obliged to pay you.”

Barry Turpin, who owns and runs Belle Casa Cambridge, has been with the company for 13 years. He says: “It’s such a great system. It allows me to spend a lot of my time with my family and has enabled me to earn a great income. On average, I will add 25 to 30 new clients each month.

“I’m delighted I took the decision to join Belle Casa. It took me out of the rat race and I have a very comfortable lifestyle.”

Jenny continues: “Franchisees Josephine and Hugh McLaughlin have taken Glasgow by storm. Having joined us five years ago, they have made big inroads into Glasgow.

“Hugh had the idea to have three Glasgow taxis wrapped in the Belle Casa colours. The response has been overwhelming. They had over 200 clients in the first 12 months of trading.”

Star in the making

Lisa Carr, who owns Belle Casa Medway, is a star in the making. Not only did Lisa hold down a full-time job, but she also managed to have 450 clients on her books. Lisa now earns over £17,000 a month.

Jenny says: “I am amazed at what Lisa has achieved. When Lisa joined us, she was working over 40 hours a week and still running a Belle Casa franchise on a part-time basis.

“It’s an amazing story and we are filled with admiration for Lisa.” Peter continues: “What makes us different from other cleaning franchise companies? We book all your appointments from our call centre and we know of no other cleaning company that offers this.

“We offer to run your diary system, so that it enables you to do the important things, like running your business. We know of no other cleaning company that offers you this.

“We offer the full postcode territory - not just part of it. We know of no other cleaning company that offers you this.

“What we don’t do is limit your earnings. We don’t limit the amount of households you have in that postcode area, we do not intend to have hundreds of franchisees in the country and we will not sell you a franchise that has other franchisees in the same postcode area.”