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Did you know?
Furniture Clinic has outlets available across the UK
Furniture Clinic
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Furniture Clinic

Furniture Clinic provides a range of furniture restoration and repair services and related products
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About Furniture Clinic

Furniture Clinic was established in North East England in 2003 by a father and son team. Initially, the company focused on care and cleaning products for use on leather and wood furniture.

2005 saw an expansion in the company and product range. In 2007 Furniture Clinic opened its first repair centre. Since then, the company has continued to develop, moving into larger premises and even opening a centre in New York, USA.

The Furniture Clinic franchise develops, tests, and manufactures branded products in addition to selling them. The company prides itself on offering high-quality products at competitive prices. The focus in terms of product manufacture is on quality and safety. Customers receive pre-sale, after-sale, and technical service and assistance.

Furniture Clinic has moved beyond furniture into leathers and fabrics used in footwear, motor vehicles, fashion accessories, and even clothing. There are also fillers, glues, paints, and dyes for leather, and several products for fabrics and mattresses to remove stains and odours, protect them, and kill mould and bacteria.

What products and services are provided by the Furniture Clinic franchise?

Furniture Clinic offers a broad specialist range of products for the care, conditioning, cleaning, restoration and repair of leather, wood, and fabric items and surfaces. For clients who don’t want to go the DIY route, there are repair shops for individual and corporate clients.


How does the Furniture Clinic franchise model work?

A Furniture Clinic franchise grants you a license to open a leather repair business. You will both carry our repairs and restoration and sell branded leather care and cleaning products. The sale of DIY leather products is secondary.

Although your focus will be leather furniture care and repair, the number of industries you would work in are varied: fashion, equestrian, automotive, marine, aviation, maintenance for corporate and hospitality premises.

You can opt to be a one-person, mobile business or to expand as your business grows. Expansion could involve additional staff with vehicles or even a workshop rather than mobile units. Very successful Furniture Clinic franchisees can also purchase additional territories.


How can I become a Furniture Clinic franchisee?

If you are interested in a Furniture Clinic franchise, contact the company via the enquiry form found on this page. The franchise team will then begin discussions with you and let you know what the application process entails if you still wish to continue.


How much does a Furniture Clinic franchise cost?

The franchise fee is £19,995 + VAT.


What will I get from Furniture Clinic for my investment?

In exchange for the franchise fee, the company will provide you with:

 Territory: You will be assigned a pre-agreed exclusive territory. This means that your market is protected, and you won’t be in competition with another franchise owner.
 Support: There will be ongoing support from the franchise team with regards to sales, marketing, technical aspects, and guidance about expanding your business. Advice about any aspect of your business is available so that you are – and by extension the company – successful.
 Training: There are three weeks of intensive training on techniques to clean, restore, recolour, and repair leather items of various kinds.
 Operations: You will be provided with operation manuals which give you a great deal of information on the day-to-day operation or running of a Furniture Clinic franchise
 Equipment: Part of your starter pack is the equipment that you will require in order to (a) carry out leather repairs etc and (b) run your business.
 Products: You will receive a large selection of products as start-up stock so that you can launch your business quickly. They will include leather cleaning, repair, and restoration products.
 Marketing: Franchise owners are supplied with marketing materials that can be used to promote their business.

Did you know?
Furniture Clinic has outlets available across the UK
Furniture Clinic
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The above are all provided for a one-person mobile business or, at some future date if a franchisee is successful, for additional territory or for multiple sites or a fleet of vehicles and staff. Further territory does, however, come with further investment costs.


Do I need experience in furniture restoration to own my own Furniture Clinic franchise?

No, you don’t need to have any experience working with leather. However, the company does look for certain experience, skills, and attributes in future franchise owners.

You need to have ambition and drive, customer service orientated and business-minded, committed to the brand and its proven business model, determined to succeed in
your business, have managerial skills, and the ability to build and maintain a network of customers.


Do I have to pay any monthly franchise fees?

Yes. After your first 12 months in business, you will begin to pay a royalty fee of five per cent


Where does the Furniture Clinic franchise operate?

There are branches all over the UK at present and one in the US.

The company is keen to expand and recruit new franchisees, but you would have to enquire directly about the location you have in mind as territories are exclusive.


What are the average earnings and profits that can be made from a Furniture Clinic franchise?

Furniture Clinic has not published information in the regard, but it may be discussed during your initial conversations with the company so that you have a better idea of income potential.


Is income guaranteed?

Income is not guaranteed with any franchise as it depends on several factors including the amount and quality of work done by the franchisee. However, this kind of information can be discussed further during your conversations with the franchisor.


How soon will I start making money?

Given you will be able to offer services and products to both individuals and organisations in such a wide range of diverse industries, your pool of potential customers is very large. This should allow you to begin providing services and generating income from them within the first month that your franchise is open.


Do I need to do my own marketing?

Furniture Clinic has an ongoing national marketing campaign. You will also have the weight of a known and established brand behind you. Part of the start-up pack includes marketing or promotional materials for you to use for local advertising and sales. Furthermore, the head office offers advice and guidance in terms of marketing your franchise. However, as with any business – especially a new one – you will need to put time and effort into finding and maintaining customers.

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