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Cook Stars

The Cook Stars franchise is a 'cookery class and party' business, which is expanding rapidly throughout the UK
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About Cook Stars

The Cook Stars franchise is a ‘cookery class and party’ business, which is expanding rapidly throughout the UK. It provides a series of fun sessions for pre-schoolers, children, teens and adults.

The classes aim to keep children engaged and interested in cooking by giving them the chance to play and explore different ingredients, trying out new recipes and tastes.

Both children and adults learn how to make their own dishes from scratch. The service allows the participants to get the hands-on experience of making a variety of dishes and enjoying themselves in the process. Cook Star delivers birthday parties, with special bespoke options to hold cooking or non-cooking events.

Cook Star franchises can also deliver special event workshops and classes for local schools and communities. For instance, Cook Star visits schools to provide fun, interactive sessions during which children can learn valuable life skills. This also gives parents a good opportunity to take a more active role in school life.

A Cook Star franchise may work with community groups and social enterprises to offer cooking workshops, which can help to fulfil government project criteria in an exciting way. Cook Stars provides classes and parties for younger children. The individual franchisees have a lot of scope to decide which services they will provide as part of their business.

How does the Cook Stars franchise model work?

One of the key aspects of a Cook Stars franchise is its flexible nature. The franchisee has the freedom to choose whether or not they want to work with younger or older children and adults (or all of them), whether to do classes at schools and nurseries, or do special events, community sessions, and parties.

You will also have the freedom to decide whether or not you want to take on additional staff to increase earnings. Franchisees are free work full or part-time to manage the business around family life or other interests and commitments. Cook Stars will expect you to grow and develop your business according to your own targets and ambitions, and head office will give you all the support you need to achieve your goals.

Due to this flexibility and freedom, the operation of each franchise can be quite different. A new Cook Stars franchisee deals with all the preparation involved in running their cooking classes, so that everything is ready when the children or adults attend. This includes the provision of all the necessary food ingredients, an apron and the cooking equipment. The participants then get the opportunity to take their cooking home while Cook Stars deals with any washing and tidying up.


Why do consumers choose the Cook Stars franchise over its competitors?

Cook Stars is highly competitive as a franchise due to the fact that it has different income streams built into its business model. This essentially puts the franchisee in charge of how much profit they want to make.

The package offered by Cook Stars is also impressive: it includes a lot of the cooking equipment required for your business, marketing materials in the form of leaflets, posters and adverts, dedicated social media accounts, an email address, an individual page and class listings on the main company website. Cook Stars is particularly supportive and you will receive all the help you need to be successful.

You will benefit from a large exclusive territory within which to trade. In your area you will have around 40,000 children between the ages of 2 and 12, so there will never be a shortage of potential customers from which to draw on.

This is a growing and highly successful market, but Cook Stars is a leader having won a number of awards. It also has a proven formula that makes it attractive for potential franchisees.


What kind of franchisee is the Cook Stars franchise looking for?

Cook Stars are seeking enthusiastic individuals who will play a big role in the success of Cook Stars.

Candidates must also have strong people skills and be friendly and patient with children and parents. You will also need to have a love of cooking and be committed to the hard work and organisation required for this franchise.


How much does a Cook Stars franchise cost?

You will have to make a personal investment of £3,500 and the total start-up cost will be £6,995 + VAT.

You will be given a free 3-month period without any management fee to help you get started.


Can Cook Stars franchisees expect initial financial support?

Some franchisees find the relatively low investment sum is possible by drawing on their own savings although bank loans are also possible.


What is the next step to take if you’re interested in becoming a Cook Stars franchisee?

Complete the enquiry form on this page and the Cook Stars franchise team will be in touch.

Cook Stars has a reputation for being a friendly company. You will have an initial discussion which will include a consideration of the challenges of running such a Cook Stars franchise. If you decide to proceed you will be invited to a discovery day. This will give you the chance to meet up with other potential franchisees and see how a Cook Star class is actually run. This process is about making sure that both sides are making the right decision.


Can I change my mind?

You will have plenty of time to consider the opportunity in detail and do your research and you can change you mind at any time before signing the contract.


Do I need an accountant?

Accountancy skills may be useful and some of those franchisees with bigger operations may want to hire an accountant.


What sort of training does Cook Stars offer its franchisees?

New Cook Stars franchisees can expect a two-day initial training programme which covers all the key aspects of your business operation, as well as managing the enterprise and effectively marketing the franchise. Then, during your first three months, Cook Stars experts will guide you closely through this challenging early period to ensure that your business gets off to the right start. For example, you can expect weekly phone calls to respond to any questions/issues that may have arisen and discuss progress.

There will also be ongoing advice by email on how to grow and market your business as it progresses. Finally, you will learn a great deal as a part of the active franchisee group which will allow you to access vital knowledge, as will the annual franchisee conference.


When might I return a profit by running a Cook Stars franchise?

Given the modest level of initial investment, if you are prepared to put the hard work into building a client base during the first year, you can expect to start making profits within that year.


Where can I find Cook Stars franchise reviews?

Some useful case studies can be found here.

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