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Spaghetti Maths

Spaghetti Maths offers rewarding activities that get children excited about maths and confident working with numbers
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About Spaghetti Maths

Founded by an ex-maths teacher, David Sharp, Spaghetti Maths has the overall aim of improving numeracy. Building on the research findings that a positive attitude to maths is directly linked to how well one does, the Spaghetti Maths program is fun, hands-on, tactile, and creative. These clubs are suitable for children in primary school and for all educational needs.

The idea is to introduce children to how enjoyable working with shapes and numbers is. This and their growing knowledge builds confidence in youngsters and an interest in maths. Children who enjoy something are automatically motivated to learn and take part. These maths sessions are usually conducted as after-school clubs and a range of maths topics and concepts are covered.

Each session includes an active element and one that is practical and creative. The active element is usually a number-skills one while the practical element that will consist of data handling, telling the time, shapes, or numbers.

The session content and plans have been carefully researched and designed so that they are effective. Presenters who conduct the maths clubs are passionate about their work, maths, and sharing their knowledge. The staff is also fully DBS checked and trained. In addition, Spaghetti Maths runs Creative Challenge Days at primary and secondary schools. At these workshops, older students are shown how to peer-teach younger ones.

What are the services offered by Spaghetti Maths

There are two core services on offer:

After-school Clubs: this is the flagship service and provides fun, creative, hands-on maths learning sessions for primary school children. A session can be held at a school to showcase what is on offer; interested children’s parents then sign up online for ongoing clubs.

Classes and assemblies: these are offered to schools as sessions to complement their existing maths education. Either the standard Spaghetti Maths sessions can be presented, or a bespoke program can be designed.


How does a Spaghetti Maths franchise work?

Spaghetti Maths offers franchise owners a proven business model, the chance to work with children, and a flexible working day. As a franchisee, you have two choices. You can either run your business and present the maths clubs etc yourself or you can manage a team of presenters.

Some of the benefits are that your franchise will be a home-based business which helps to keep overheads low. In addition, you will build strong community relationships, and the work is rewarding as the product has such positive effects and results.


How much does a Spaghetti Maths franchisee need to invest?

The franchise fee is £12,750 + VAT for your initial territory. The company has also established relationships with lenders so that approved franchisees can obtain 100 per cent financing. However, you will require £2,000 in liquid, working capital.


What does a Spaghetti Maths franchisee get for their investment?

Spaghetti Maths franchisees receive:

Training: intensive and comprehensive four-day training on the business model, setting up and running a franchise, and the booking and other systems. This will be consolidated by close support / mentoring during the first months of operation.

Territory: each franchisee is assigned an exclusive territory that contains 125 schools.

Legal permissions: you will have the right to trade under the brand and use its trademarks, logos, etc. You will also be provided with all the teaching materials you will need.

Operational support: the booking and other systems reduce the amount of work you must do and sees that money is paid directly into your bank account.

Ongoing support: you will have telephone access to consultations with the support team members if you require advice or guidance. There are also annual meetings for franchisees.


Do you need teaching experience to run a Spaghetti Maths franchise?

No, you don’t need a background in education. What you do need is a passion for maths (numbers and shapes) and a belief in how important and relevant it is, a love of children, a desire to inspire, strong organisational and communication skills, commitment to the Spaghetti Maths model and values, and the drive to grow a successful business.


What will I earn and how soon?

How much you earn depends on how much you work. Clearly working full-time will generate more income than if you work part-time. Some franchisees offer classes themselves part-time and have an additional session leader to hold other sessions. Various options are possible, and you decide how to run your business and structure your hours and franchise.


Will I be able to get an area of my choice?

You would have to enquire directly with Spaghetti Maths in this regard. However, they are dedicated to growing a strong national market, so the chances of securing a territory in or near your area is high.


Do I need to do my own marketing?

Spaghetti Maths has an increasingly strong brand which franchisees benefit from. You will also receive your own email address and a dedicated page on the company website. Finally, word-of-mouth is always an excellent source of promotion and marketing, so ensuring all your clients are happy is a very important and valuable.


Is this the best education franchise of its kind in the UK?

Spaghetti Maths understands that the entire franchise is only as successful as its franchisees. Because of this they pledge unwavering commitment to their franchise holders and helping them succeed. The company also promotes the fact that they are passionate, energetic, idealistic, and committed to changing the negative preconceptions around maths.

They also emphasise the value of the service, how rewarding the work itself is, that your business and hours can be structured as you wish, the innovative nature of the business, the size of the market, and the strength of the brand.


How to become a Spaghetti Maths franchisee

The company is actively seeking to appoint new Spaghetti Maths franchise owners. To indicate your interest, complete the enquiry form on this page and you will be contacted by one of the team.

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