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7 things you should know about childcare franchises

7 things you should know about childcare franchises

If you want to help nurture the next generation, childcare franchises could be an ideal business opportunity for you. We look at the various childcare franchises available and show you how you can get started

The childcare sector in the UK continues to thrive. In 2018, there were around 80,000 childcare providers catering to 2.8 million children. This is a slight fall from 2016, but in that gap lies opportunities for businesses. Childcare is an essential service — there will always be a demand for it — and it can also be incredibly rewarding. As the owner of a childcare franchise, you can use your business to provide a vital service and contribute towards the education of the next generation.

Don’t know where to start? Childcare doesn’t have to be in a nursery setting — our available franchises offer opportunities in a variety of environments and to suit specific skillsets, such as science and even yoga. Keep reading to discover the key things you should know about childcare franchises.

1. You can run a holiday club

Childcare isn’t all about looking after kids; you can start a business that will enrich children and teach them skills that will stay with them for life. One way you can do this is by running a holiday club franchise with a company like Fun Fest. This childcare franchise provides holiday clubs on school premises during holidays. These clubs are for children aged 3-15 and involve a team of fully trained staff, who deliver a programme of engaging activities.

2. LEGO could be an educational tool for your business

We all love LEGO. This iconic Danish toy has left a mark on many childhoods. Despite the tech within arm’s reach of the kids of today, LEGO is still going strong — and you could use it in your business. Bricks 4 Kidz is an international franchise that operates in over 40 countries and uses the famous blocks to teach science, technology and maths in activities centred around architecture and engineering. It’s a fully mobile business and you will be the sole operator of Bricks 4 Kidz in your area, so there’s no risk of local competition.

3. Mother Nature Science is a way to pass on your passion for science

Have a passion for science? You could turn your love for the scientific world into a business with Mother Nature Science. This exciting franchise opportunity launched in the UK in 2007 but has been providing its services for 30 years. It offers over 200 lessons for 5 to 12-year-olds, and all are linked to the national curriculum. These “edutaining” demonstrations can take place during birthday parties, summer camps during school holidays, and even science clubs at school.

4. Afterschool activities can be engaging and entertaining

Childcare during term-time plays a vital role in the industry. Parents and guardians may not finish work until long after the end of the school day, so children may need somewhere to go and something to do before they can go home. Sherpa Kids is a childcare franchise opportunity that delivers entertaining and engaging afterschool activities for kids. You’ll benefit from a global network of franchises that stretches from South Africa to New Zealand and provides for over 4,500 children globally.

5. Childcare franchises can have a relatively low franchise cost

Every franchise comes with a fee, which is your investment in starting the business and guarantees your access to training materials, help from your franchisor, and many other extras, such as the relevant equipment you need to get going with your business or help finding a physical space for your business. Pyjama Drama provides drama activities and imaginative play for children aged six months to seven years. With a franchise cost of £2,350, it’s one of the more affordable childcare franchise opportunities on offer.

6. You could teach yoga with a childcare franchise

If you’re a keen yogi, you could pass on your interests to the next generation. YogaBugs lets you run a business teaching yoga to children in a fun and engaging way. You’ll be part of an amazing network of teachers who are proud of what they do and have a great time doing it. Mindfulness and self-care are vital to wellbeing, and teaching these skills early ensures the impact lasts well into adulthood. If you’re looking to pass on your skills outside of the traditional classroom environment, this childcare franchise is well worth considering.

7. A nursery franchise is another option for you

A nursery is what often springs to mind when you think of childcare, and it’s a crucial part of the industry. Running a nursery franchise is about much more than simply looking after children; it’s about helping them develop the skills and abilities that will aid them through life, including communication, creativity and imagination. With Monkey Puzzle, your business will join a network of 57 Ofsted-approved nurseries covering 4,000 children. You won’t be on your own and you will benefit from advice and help to find your site, spread awareness of your new nursery and manage your new endeavour to help you make a success of your franchise.

Interested in starting a childcare franchise? Find out more about our childcare franchise opportunities at What Franchise.

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