What Franchisors Look For in Franchisees

Author: Louise Harris

answered by Louise Harris

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Louise Harris writes:

A Wilkins franchisee (like many franchisees) wears two hats - they run the business and deliver the service - so we look for versatility and understanding of the differences in the two roles.

Since we’re a customer service, being able to engage with people is important. We also look for drive. Everyone we meet tells us they’re not afraid of hard work - our job is to establish what hard work actually looks like to them.

We like people who are cautiously enthusiastic about the franchise model and want to explore it further to satisfy themselves about what they’re buying into.

The people who succeed in our business are motivated to work alone, but thrive on the collaborative approach of being able to draw solutions and innovation from a pool of peers. They have physical energy and personal charisma, which is critical in developing business contacts and a good customer base.

We look for a grasp of business concepts - a little bit of hunger and tenacity. We can teach the basics, but changing an attitude or character is more difficult.

Above all, honesty is what we value. This is not just at a ‘legal’ level, but honesty about their situation, because we can work with what we know, but will always be fighting what we don’t.

Louise Harris is franchise director of Wilkins Chimney Sweep. She sits on the British Franchise Association board and chairs the membership committee.

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