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Posted: 17 May 2019
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With Chrysalis Partners, you can own a rewarding franchise offering business coaching and consulting to the SME market

Drive growth

You can start a lucrative and rewarding business offering business coaching and consulting services to the many millions of prospective clients across the UK and beyond. Chrysalis Partners will train you on how to work effectively in this highly profitable marketplace.

This company understands that starting your own business can be daunting and that’s why it now offers an inclusive marketing campaign to get you started, which will give you appointments and leads to work on shortly after you become a franchisee.

In addition, Chrysalis Partners’ inclusive enhanced support programme will partner you with an experienced business coach to work alongside you, with an intensive programme of activities for the first three months to help drive you to success and ongoing support to follow in perpetuity.

Chrysalis Partners offers the very latest approach to business coaching and consulting, using proven business models that have helped thousands of businesses to become more successful.

The company’s model is backed by a money back guarantee on your licence fee, such is Chrysalis Partners’ confidence in the systems it offers.

Huge demand

With more than five million small to medium-sized businesses in the UK, the demand for Chrysalis Partners’ services is huge. Furthermore, most new businesses fail in the first few years, so the requirement for a coach to help steer these businesses to success is greater than ever.

New franchisees join a growing community of business professionals, who share their experiences and thoughts on how they are using the Chrysalis Partners models and strategies to best effect with their clients.

With group meetings, the company encourages you to work together and share successes to broaden your knowledge base and leverage one another’s strengths.

World class training is held in a luxury facility, with full residential facilities included for the duration of your training. Once training is complete, unlimited ongoing support is available to all franchisees.

Potential returns

The cost of the franchise is £27,950 and potential returns are significant for individuals who follow the activity guidelines and systems recommended.

You should be cash positive within just a few months and well within profit within your first year of trading. Chrysalis business coaches receive an upfront monthly fee payable in advance from every client and the franchisee is in control of what to charge.

In addition to the monthly fixed fee, a ‘back end’ success fee is charged, which is payable and directly proportional to the amount of growth you deliver to the client - the more money they make, the more money you make.

Chrysalis Partners is a member of the British Franchise Association and chose to pursue this path as only ethically run franchises are eligible to join.

The company has worked closely with key partners to ensure its franchise agreement and business model offers franchisees an excellent opportunity to become successful and enjoy a rewarding and well balanced lifestyle.

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