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Accelium EDU has outlets available across the UK
Accelium EDU
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Accelium EDU

Accelium EDU offers innovative, multimedia game-based education and assessment tools for learners at various levels
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About Accelium EDU

Accelium has several branches with EDU, established in 1994, as the part of the company that offers an innovative, hands-on, and immersive and therefore highly engaging learning or education methodology to schools and businesses. It uses strategy games and multimedia to engage and inspire learners to think, reflect, and constantly improve their skill and performance levels and self-awareness.

The methodology is used to conduct sessions that begin in the class/workshop, continue at home, and end with a recap before commencing the next session. Thanks to the success of this game-based training and assessment tool, the Accelium EDU methodology is now used in 12 languages and in more than 30 countries. The EDU tool can also be used by teachers/facilitators to assess and evaluate skill levels and progress.

The company believes that by helping learners to be active in their learning, to develop higher-order cognitive skills (analysis, critical thinking, decision making, problem-solving, etc.) and emotional and social skills, they will be far better equipped to deal with, and contribute to, the rapidly changing world around them and the challenges it brings.

The users of Accelium EDU digital games toolkit are schools, teachers/facilitators, organisations, and learners. Each school or organisation can select the package they believe best suits their organisation, staff, and learners.

What services does the Accelium EDU franchise offer?

Accelium EDU offers four core solutions that are designed for (1) organisations, (2) educational institutions, (3) consultants, and (4) teachers. Both learners and teachers have access to structured, rich, multimedia engaging curricula that keeps all those involved inspired and motivated.

For the learner (of any age) Accelium EDU offers an engaging digital, multimedia game-based learning experience. The methodology allows each student to progress to different levels depending on his or her unique skill set. The specific modules include problem-solving, advanced learning strategies, personal accountability, and creative thinking.

Teachers and consultants benefit from extensive training and support and the satisfaction of seeing the development and growth of their students. There is also a mobile app and advanced performance tracking to assess learner progress. Teachers and facilitators also enjoy personal growth and development through the skill-development courses Score (a game-based assessment tool), Academy (professional development), and Facilitator (becoming a certified Accelium Teacher).

Organisations benefit from having the cognitive, strategic thinking, and socio-emotional skills of their employees strengthened. Team dynamics are also improved by the Accelium EDU sessions conducted at companies.


What do the Accelium EDU franchise packages comprise of?

For someone interested in a franchise from Accelium EDU, there are three options available:

1. Exclusive Distributor: This option is suitable for a large company or an established entrepreneur. In either case, you must want to distribute Accelium EDU in a specified territory. This could be a large metropolitan area, a county, or even a country. This package offers the franchisee / partner VIP support and premium business development.

2. Business Partner: If you are an entrepreneur or an expanding small- to medium-sized business this is a better option for you. The investment and ongoing costs are lower than with the Exclusive package, but territory is more restricted or modest. However, a Business Partner can always upgrade to an Exclusive Distributor as his or her business expands.

3. Certified Facilitator: This option is designed for the individual who wants to use the Accelium methodology etc. to establish a small business of their own. Of the three, this is the most flexible and low cost. Again, you could upgrade later to Business Partner should you wish to do so.

Did you know?
Accelium EDU has outlets available across the UK
Accelium EDU
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Accelium indicates that the 2019 revenue for game-based education is forecast to reach £3.7bn as schools become more technology orientated.


How can I become an Accelium distributor, partner, or facilitator?

If you believe that you have the ambition, passion, and have the appropriate kind of background, fill out the enquiry form on this page and you will receive free information with no obligation.


How much does an Accelium franchise cost?

The initial investment amount varies depending on which of the three options you apply for. They range in cost from £6,500 + VAT to £20,500 + VAT.


What will I get for my investment?

Accelium EDU offers several benefits to its distributors, partners, and facilitators:

 Access to the Accelium technology
 A licence to operate and trade under the brand name
 Full training on the methodology and systems that are most suited to the market sector(s) you will be targeting (schools, companies, etc.)
 Ongoing, on-site training while you get your business launched
 A recognised and global brand to support your sales and promotional efforts
 Ongoing online and web-based support, advice, and guidance.

It is in your and the company’s best interests that your business is a success.


Do I need experience to run an Accelium EDU franchise?

The ideal candidate for an Accelium EDU franchise of some kind has a background in the education, business, or even military sectors. What is essential is that all applicants are committed to developing people, whether youngsters or adults, are passionate, and determined to succeed.


Where does Accelium EDU operate?

The company currently has representatives of various kinds all over the world. However, its presence in the UK is currently limited.


Will I be able to get an area of my choice?

You would have to enquire directly with Accelium EDU, but the company is very interested in appointing suitable individuals or organisations in large metropolitan areas.


Is income guaranteed?

Income is not guaranteed as it depends on several factors including the amount and quality of work done by the franchisee.


Do I need to carry out my own marketing?

Although the Accelium brand boosts marketing and sales, each franchise owner is required to actively market their business and the EDU products. You will receive some guidance in this regard.

Word-of-mouth is always an excellent source of promotion and marketing so ensuring all your clients are happy is very important and valuable.


What is not included when I purchase an Accelium franchise?

Capital costs and monthly outlay will vary depending on whether you become a distributor, partner, or facilitator. For instance, working from home and carrying out educational activities at client’s premises will involve lower expense than having an office and associated overheads, staff, etc.


Is this the best franchise of its kind in the UK?

The Accelium EDU educational games are unique and afford multi-layered advantages. The methodology offers benefits to learners, teachers, and organisations which offers a sense of satisfaction to many franchisees. In addition, it is a proven methodology which continues to enjoy global success and is part of a booming sector in both the tech and education fields.

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