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A pet care service business dedicated to helping pet owners balance their busy schedules whilst meeting all the needs of their pets

£ 8,995 Minimum Investment

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    A pet care service business dedicated to helping pet owners balance their busy schedules whilst meeting all the needs of their pets

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    £ 8,995

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About Leading The Way Pet Care

Leading The Way Pet Care is the sister company to the largest pet food delivery (and one of the top pet franchises) in the UK - OSCAR Pet Foods.

By recognising a gap in the market for a truly compassionate nationwide pet care service, Leading The Way Pet Care is swiftly becoming a household name among pet-owners striving for the best care possible for their beloved animals.

By providing an extensive animal care training package for its franchisees, Leading The Way Pet Care ensures that it maintains its reputation for kindness and professionalism.

If you’re an animal lover looking to build your own business in the pet care industry, this is an incredible opportunity that you shouldn’t overlook and is also a great way to combine the benefits of a dog walking franchise, a dog daycare franchise and a pet sitting franchise into one efficient business model.

This isn’t like most other franchises, however. Building a pet care business means you aren’t stuck in an office all day - you’ll be your own boss and your work colleagues will have four legs and a tail, or wings and maybe even scales…

You’ll be constantly amazed with new experiences of working with different animals in your home visits. Each has their own individual personalities and requirements. From babysitting a four-week old puppy while it’s owners are at work to tending to an anxious cat for an elderly lady in the evening. The possibilities are endless and you’ll constantly build new relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime.

On top of dog walking and home visits, you’ll also provide a much needed pet taxi service for those customers with restricted accessibility who might not be able to take their pet to the vets.

Offering this array of services allows Leading The Way Pet Case to ensure that pets are always receiving the level of care they truly deserve.

While pet case is an exciting industry to work in - it requires an extraordinary team with dedication to run a successful franchise. That said, Leading The Way Pet Care isn’t shy about investing its expertise into the right people and helping ensure your business is successful from the very beginning.

How does a Leading The Way Pet Care franchise work?

Leading The Way Pet Care franchisees are provided with everything they need to get started with their professional pet care business. This includes a comprehensive training programme for all approved franchisees along with their officially recognised course in Companion Animal Health, Welfare and Disease Control to provide you with unrivalled knowledge and give you a sturdy foundation upon which to build your successful business.

Leading The Way Pet Care prioritise two main things: the welfare of the animals being cared for and the success of their franchisees, making this one of the best pet franchise opportunities in the UK.

Rest assured that you’ll be provided with everything you need to succeed. On top of the exceptional pet care training, you’ll receive ongoing support with every aspect of your business, full vehicle livery, corporate clothing, equipment and marketing material as well as getting access to Leading The Way’s custom-built customer relations and fully functional accounts systems.

A crucial part of the franchise fee is the marketing material provided. You will receive a vast array of both online and offline marketing materials to help you attract customers into your business and build an online social community in your local area.

To top it off you will also be able to find support from other successful franchisees in the community discussion forums created by Leading The Way. This is a great way to find and share tactics and strategies on how to make your business as prosperous as possible.

Of course, you will be guaranteed your own exclusive rights to a territory which will allow you to thrive without competition from other Leading The Way Pet Care franchisees.


How much does a Leading The Way Pet franchise cost?

The investment for a Leading The Way Pet Care franchise is currently £8,995 +VAT - reduced from £10,995 +VAT. This includes all the training and support you will receive from Leading The Way to help you gain the necessary skills to adequately run your business to the required standards.

There is also the option to add-on extras provided by Leading The Way to help you get set up faster and in a cost-effective manner as well as receiving access to learning materials at a discounted rate.

Ongoing costs consist of a marketing levy at £85 per month (until you reach £2,150 gross income - at which point that will switch to 4 per cent of gross income.) and a management fee at 8.5 per cent +VAT of gross income.


What is the expected first year income for a Leading The Way Pet Care franchisee?

With a Leading The Way Pet Care franchise it’s possible to break even within the first three to five months. In the first year, Leading The Way’s pilot pet care franchise made a net profit of £5,038, before tax. Bear in mind that lots of businesses experience a loss in their first year.

This represents just how easy it could be to create a profitable business with this franchise model and your profits could quite easily skyrocket after the first year.

Of course, anything is possible, depending on how dedicated you are to making the business model work - these are just guideline figures.


Do Leading The Way Pet Care franchisees need pet care experience?

No, franchisees do not need prior experience in the pet care industry as Leading The Way has a program to take you through everything you need to know. You will end the training with an industry recognised accreditation and be almost immediately ready to get started with plenty of support along the way.


Why choose a Leading The Way Pet Care franchise?

A Leading The Way Pet Care franchise offers an opportunity to quickly and easily setup a thriving, profitable business in a growing market. Combine that with their accredited training program and you can quickly see that this might work for you.

If you are looking for a business opportunity that offers huge variety, exciting challenges and allows you to get out of the grind of being in an office for 40+ hours a week then this could be exactly what you’re looking for.

In addition, because of the experience and expertise gained from building its sister company - OSCAR Pet Foods Ltd, Leading The Way is constantly one step ahead of the market - which serves to benefit all of its franchisees as the industry grows and develops.


How can I become a Leading The Way Pet Care franchisee?

To register your interest, click the enquire button found on this page. A member of the Leading The Way Pet Care franchise team will then be able to help you with everything
you need to know about the pet franchises for sale at Leading The Way.

Once you have contacted the team, they will be happy to answer your questions and will provide you with an application form. They will help you tailor the business to your individual needs and requirements, for example how many hours are you looking to work, do you need any extra support in terms of running the business or additional resources.

They will also discuss the additional options available to you when you invest into the franchise. If you are successful at this stage, you will then be asked to attend a final interview.

You will be required to complete a business plan for the final interview and there will be a financial commitment of £500 - deductible from your initial investment for the franchise.

Interested in this franchise opportunity?

For additional information on Leading The Way Pet Care, simply send us an !

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