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Buying a franchise resale can often prove a sensible move, as the franchise will already have an established customer base and will be well-recognised in its situation. People sell their franchises for many different reasons so it is important that you get the business valued, whether you’re buying or selling yourself. What Franchise shows you the best resale franchise opportunities on offer.

Resale franchises FAQs

Get everything you need to know to start running a franchise. Discover the business model for you and find information covering everything from the legal requirements to how to furnish your franchise properties.

  • Q. What are the advantages of investing in a franchise resale?

    Author: John Pratt

    answered by John Pratt

    Senior Partner at Hamilton Pratt

    There are two ways in which you can become involved in operating a franchised business. The first is to enter into an agreement with the franchisor to take a territory where no...

  • Q. What is a franchise resale?

    Author: Shelley Nadler

    answered by Shelley Nadler

    Legal director at Bird & Bird

    A franchise resale is when you buy an existing franchise business as a going concern from a franchisee with the rights to operate the franchise. It could be a sale of...

  • Q. Can a franchisee sell their business at any time?

    Author: Shelley Nadler

    answered by Shelley Nadler

    Legal director at Bird & Bird

    While every franchise agreement is different, in theory a franchisee can sell its business at any time. That said, if a franchisee tries to sell it near to the end of...

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