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Restaurant Franchises For Sale

Do you have a passion for food and a love for good business? Are you willing to work sometimes antisocial hours in the name of good service? Do you have a large investment stake and are you looking for a great return? If so, a restaurant franchise could be for you.

What is a restaurant franchise?

A restaurant franchise is simply a restaurant that operates to under a franchise model. A franchise is where the owners sell the rights to operate branches of their business to third parties (franchisees). The franchisee benefits from running an enterprise that already has good brand recognition and loyal customers, meaning an easier launch, whilst the franchisor can quickly and easily expand their business.

There’s a huge range of options within this sector too. From the exciting world of fast food, to the burgeoning fast-casual industry, there’s something to suit all interests and (most!) budgets.

Restaurant franchise trends

Many franchisees are looking for organic restaurant franchises, and for good reason. As consumers become more concerned with their health and the environment, interest in organic and plant-based diets continues to grow, making restaurants that cater well to these diets an interesting business opportunity.

Consumer appetite is growing for all natural and healthy foods which is why we’re witnessing more and more franchise opportunities in the world of juice, smoothie and salad bars.

Restaurant franchises for sale

There are plenty of restaurants looking for franchises in the UK. Below is a big list of amazing restaurant franchises you can buy into today. When selecting the opportunities you’d like to enquire about, think about what kind of restaurant you’d like to run. What type of restaurant you choose will determine how many staff you need to employ, train and manage, what kind of hours you work and how hands-on you have to be.

Also, consider what sort of geographical location you’d like to work in. Where you put your restaurant will be of vital importance to its success, although your chosen franchisor will be able to help with your site selection too.

Tips on starting a restaurant franchise

Once you find the franchise opportunity that you’re interested in, use our ‘enquire now’ button to make contact with the franchisor. They’ll send you some questions and possibly meet you in person to find out if you’re a good fit for their brand and you can see if they’re right for you too (it’s paramount this special relationship works for both parties).

Once you have signed the franchise agreement and attended the franchisor’s training, your site will be selected and building and fitting will begin in earnest. You might have to recruit staff, learn how to make a rigid menu in a very particular way and discover how to manage and motivate staff but thankfully, all these aspects of business and more are covered in the handbook. This operations manual - whether physical or online - tells every franchisee everything they need to know about running their restaurant, and if you need any further support, the franchise business system is the most supportive way of starting an eatery.

Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

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