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This is a really popular area of franchising, and it’s easy to see why. An entire industry based on making customers happy - and the feel-good feeling that comes with that - is really attractive. It encompasses a breathtakingly broad number of opportunities so there’s something here to suit almost all investors.

Plus, the travel and leisure market is booming. It accounts for 7.4% of the UK’s GDP and this uptake is said to be down to consumers - Millennials in particular - prioritising experiences over shopping.

The opportunities below are varied, and before we go any further dissecting these, first we need to be sure we understand what this kind of opportunity is

What is a Travel and Leisure Franchise?

To put it plainly, a travel and leisure franchise is any franchise that offers people a way to relax, get fit, socialise or enjoy themselves. And a franchise is the chance to buy a license from the company owner to open a branch of that company and provide the same services as that company under the same brand name. It means you can start up a company without the headache of owning a start-up, such as establishing a brand name that people come to trust and rely upon.

There are a staggering range of franchises that fall under this category. Food and drink franchises (such as bars, restaurants and cafes) come under this umbrella, as do fitness opportunities (think gyms, personal trainers and exercise classes).

Beauty franchises (nail bars, tanning salons, beauticians and hairdressers) also fall under the travel and leisure franchise heading, There are plenty of children-focused franchises that are also in this category, from baby sensory and baby signing to holiday camps and art clubs. And, if you prefer to work with animals instead of children, there are lots of pet-focused franchises on offer, including grooming, sitting and dog walking.

How much does a Travel and Leisure Franchise cost?

As you’d expect, with an industry as broad as this, there is a big range in the investment levels. Physical activity for kids experts franchise SportsXtra has an investment level that starts at just £149, whilst a Baby Gym costs around £150,000.

What are benefits of buying a Travel and Leisure Franchise?

The benefits entirely depend on the type of franchise you buy. If making people feel better about themselves is going to bring you greatest job satisfaction, then a beauty franchise could be perfect for you. If you’re looking to work from home, then a dog walking business could be ideal. And if you want work with children, a holiday camp could be a lot of fun. Simply ask yourself what you want to get from this new job opportunity and benefits you’re looking for are sure to be served by this exciting and vibrant sector.

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